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Can A Metal Roof Be Installed Over Shingles In Rolling Hills?

Whether you’re building a new home or replacing your existing shingles with metal there are a few things to consider before installing it. It’s crucial to comprehend the advantages of using metal, along with security and cost issues. Fortunately, there are numerous resources to help you find out the answers you need.

A new Roof Installation in Rolling Hills can be stressful and challenging. You’ll need a professional order to have a flawless new Roof Installation in Rolling Hills! SoCal Green is here to assist you with your roof maintenance and installations.


Roofing made of metal is durable, long-lasting, and impact-resistant. It also has a high efficiency in energy use. Like asphalt shingles roofing does not corrode or break down. It is also fire-resistant and will not ignite in flames when lightning strike. It is lightweight, making it easier for installers to work with.

Although shingles are less expensive but they need more care. In comparison to metal roofs, shingle roofs require replacement every 10 to 20 years. However, there are many factors that can ensure that roofing made of metal last longer.

Depending on the gauge of the metal and the thickness of the material, the lifespan of a metal roof can be anywhere from 40 to 70 years. When installing a new roof it is important to select the right materials. Certain metals are prone to rust in particular conditions, while other metals can be damaged easily by hail storms.

If you are replacing your roof, it is essential to hire professional roofers for safety reasons. This is especially important in areas where shingles are vulnerable to being damaged. If the adhesive that is used to join the shingles has been damaged, the shingles can lift off.


If you’re considering installing a metal roof on your property or replacing an old shingle roof, you must know how they are compared in price as well as durability and maintenance. Both roofs can last for decades, and your decision on the one you choose will be contingent on your needs and budget.

A shingle roof is typically cheaper than a metal roof. It can cost as low as half the amount it would to install metal roofing. But shingles do have an issue of easily damaged in extreme weather conditions. They’re also not the best design and requires frequent repair.

Metal roofing is more durable than a shingle and can last for many years. It’s also energy efficient, which will help you save on the cost of cooling and heating. A well-maintained metal roof can be worth more than 80% of its initial price. It could help you save on hydro bills.

It is not necessary to use a layer.

If you require an underlayment to protect your metal roof over shingles is dependent on your roof’s shape and type. It’s also based of the code for building in the area you live.

A underlayment can be described as a layer of material placed on top of the shingles. It protects the roof’s metal from water damage as well as a sound barrier. Typically, it will be made of felt paper but synthetic underlayments are also available. They offer more durability and longer lifespan.

It’s important to make sure that the new roofing is properly installed. Based on the construction code in the area you live, it could need to take off your previous roofing before installing the new one. It can be costly and time-consuming.

Also, you should inspect your roof’s rafters and joists to make sure they’re in good order. If they are rotting, they can cause strain on your roof’s fragile structure. This can result in the trusses breaking. It’s best to have your roof inspected before you install your new roof of metal.

Security precautions

Whether you are building a metal roofing over asphalt shingles or shingles there are certain safety guidelines to be following. These guidelines will help ensure both you and your workers remain safe.

The first step to prepare for a metal Roof Installation in Rolling Hills is to examine the roof. This will enable you to detect any structural problems that might exist. If you spot any problems, you can hire an expert roofing contractor to make the necessary repairs.

In the process of installing during the installation process, you’ll need to use the appropriate safety equipment. This includes a harness and ropes. Also, ensure that the ladder you are using is OSHA certified. If it is not, it is best to substitute it with one that is. Also, avoid working near electric lines.

During the installation process, you should take your time. A slippery roof made of metal could be hazardous. Walking on it is particularly risky because you’re more likely to fall. To avoid slips make sure you take your time and walk slow. It is also advised to wear footwear with rubber soles. These shoes are more tolerant to pressure and will help you walk more smoothly.

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