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Should I Get A New Roof Prior To Installing Solar Panels In Santa Fe Springs?

If you’re just beginning to get started with solar energy or have been using it for a time, there are a few things you should know before you make the decision to purchase a new roof.

The process of a new Roof Installation in Santa Fe Springs can be hectic and critical. It is essential to hire a professional in order to get the perfect new Roof Installation in Santa Fe Springs! SoCal Green is here to help you with roof maintenance and installations.

Evaluation of your roof’s condition

Getting a good evaluation of your roof’s condition before installing solar panels is an essential step. It will not only prevent your from making costly errors, it can also ensure that your panels stay in place.

The first thing to consider will be the condition of your roofing. If it is over 10 year old, the roof may not be ready for the pressures of installing solar panels. But, if it’s just under ten years old, there may be some breathing space.

The most effective way to discover is to contact a reputable roofing company within your area and asking for an evaluation. A roofing expert can tell you if your roof has any significant issues, for example, leaks, dry rot or any other issues which could compromise the effectiveness of your panels.

Another method to determine is to utilize Google’s Project Sunroof. The website lets you enter your address and it calculates the exposure of your home to sunlight. Then, you can examine your results against those of other homes in your neighborhood.

Durability of solar panels

Having solar panels placed on your roof will increase your energy production and can save you money. Also, it reduces your carbon footprint. But, solar panels will require some attention. There are a variety of ways to extend the life of your solar panels.

Make sure your roof is prepared to receive solar. If you have tiles made of clay it is possible change them to a more durable material. You may also want to think about a metal roof which is significantly stronger over asphalt roof shingles.

Then, ensure that the solar company you choose is reliable. A trusted solar provider will set up your panels properly and look for any issues within a couple of years.

Thirdly, ensure that your panels are clean. If you have debris on your panels, it prevents sunlight from reaching your cells. It could also cause chips and scratches.

Fourth, keep an eye on the performance of your solar panel. If it’s not producing enough electricity enough to pay your bills then it could be time to replace the panels.

Cost of an entirely new roof

The addition of solar panels to your home is an excellent way to reduce your utility cost. Additionally, it can increase its value. property. If you’re looking to purchase or sell your home using solar power, installing a system can improve your chances of securing a better price.

The cost of a new roof prior to the installation of solar panels can be wildly different. According to Remodeling Magazine, a new roof can increase the value of your home by over $17,000. A new roof that has solar panels can provide even greater benefits, as it will have a greater duration and greater durability.

The price of a brand new roof might not be exactly the same as the price to install a solar system however, if you complete both projects at the same time you will save money on both projects. It is also possible to get a discount on the two items through an established roofing company in your area.

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to incorporate installing solar panels and replacing their roof. This helps you establish a clear plan and to get your work done on a schedule.

Financing solar and a new roof

The addition of solar panels and a new roof to your home can be an effective method to increase the value of your home. Also, it can provide a crucial protection against rising electricity prices. Government continues to offer financial incentives to help homeowners make the most of the benefits of solar.

The government has introduced an income tax credit of 30 percent for people installing solar panels. This tax credit is estimated to approximately $9,000 and can be carried forward to the following year.

One of the best methods to finance solar system and get a new roof is through the house equity loan. The home equity loan can be described as a form of second mortgage that allows you to borrow against the value of your home. If you own a substantial value of your house’s equity, then you may be eligible for loans of as much as 85 percent its value.

Even if you’re not able to accumulate much of equity in your home, you could still use an improvement loan for your home or mortgage to finance the project. However, you’ll have to pay higher interest rates.

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