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What Materials Do I Need To Re-Roof My House In North Tustin?

Selecting the right materials for the roof of your house will be among the crucial choices you’ll make. There are a variety of choices to pick from, including felt paper, metal or asphalt shingles.

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Asphalt shingles

Roofing a house with asphalt shingles has been among the top popular options for homeowners in the United States. They’re cost effective, easy to put up, and provide an excellent protection against weather. They also can help increase the efficiency of a home’s energy usage.

Choosing the right shingles for your roof can be a challenging job. There are a variety of styles, colors and sizes to choose from. It is important to consider the pros and cons of each shingle to make an informed decision. Whether you’re replacing your existing shingles or installing them for the first time, it’s important to be aware of what to look for.

Some asphalt shingles come in a range of shades, ranging that range from dark to light, as well as gray and brown shades. Asphalt shingles have proven to stand up to moisture, heat and even hail. They’re also extremely durable and easy to maintain.

Asphalt underlayment

The right choice of asphalt underlayment for your home can be the key to safeguarding your roofing from elements. The various kinds of underlayment have been designed to suit various climates and conditions. The underlayment is placed in two layers, and has a an overlap that is horizontal in course.

There are numerous kinds of underlayments, and the majority are made to offer waterproof protection. The most common kinds are rubberized asphalt, felt with asphalt and non-bitumen synthetic underlayment. They’re all extremely robust and resistant to UV Rays.

If your house is located in an area with extreme temperature changes, rubberized asphalt is an excellent option. It has the same advantages of asphalt-saturated felt however, it is more robust. It’s also simpler to install, which can help keep installation costs down.

Felt paper

Felt paper is an excellent way to ensure the longevity of your roofing. This type of material can stop water leaks, damage from moisture, and mold growth. This material can also help reduce the cost of labor and is a simple and quick way to protect your home. It’s among the materials you will need to use when you are re-roofing the house.

In the beginning in roofing construction, it became common to use an underlayment made of felt to shield your home from the elements of rain and snow. This product was durable and was an affordable alternative to more expensive synthetic underlayments. Nowadays, shingles are more durable and many contractors prefer synthetic underlayments.

Depending on the area of your house You may have to think about using different roofing materials. Find out more about the best alternatives in our guide to the best roofing materials.


Utilizing flashing to stop water penetration into a building is essential. Flashing is a thin , flexible material that is affixed to the outside of a building. It is used to direct water away from the home and to avoid leaks at intersections of buildings. Most flashing tapes are installed around windows and doors, but there are also products for inside corners.

A best practice for windows is to pick a moldable flashing for the sill. The sill pan is the first layer of protection for the house’s sheathing. It is made of metal, plastic, or membrane. It should extend past any window moulding.

A good way to install roofing flashing is at gravel stops or ridges and valleys. Flashing for roofs can be hidden by installing it under the siding.

Metal roofing

Unlike most roofing materials, metal roofing is extremely durable and long-lasting. When properly installed, a quality metal roof is resistant to extreme weather conditions, can withstand massive weight loads, and is not susceptible to cause warping or rot.

The most popular type of roof material made of metal is aluminium. Aluminum is lightweight and malleable. It is a highly efficient roofing material and can be produced from recycled materials.

Zinc is yet another roofing material that can be used on residential properties. Zinc is self-healing, rust-resistant and self-healing. The stainless steel option is also an option however, it’s not as common.

Modern residential metal roofing can last up to 50 years. It won’t rot, crack or warp, and will protect your home against environmental threats such as hail, storms, as well as UV radiation.

The Kynar 500 finished finish, which is painted by Kynar is the common finish for standing seam metal roofs. It also provides corrosion protection and gloss.

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