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5 Mistakes You’re Making When Buying A Residential Roof

When no one else will, your house will always be there for you; picking the best one could change the direction of your life. However, if you end up making the incorrect selection, you’ll keep thinking back on your errors and regretting your choices. 

You will find safety and warmth in your house, where you will also create a family and form new relationships. Without a roof, a house is worthless, much like a lightbulb without a filament; a damaged roof will continue to be a problem over time. You should check the roof of a house carefully before buying it to make sure there is no moisture or other potential indicators of a fungal infection.


This article can serve as a reference for anyone intending to buy a home to precisely determine the roof’s condition. Before making a final buying choice for a roof replacement, buyers must always know what to check for in a home’s roof!

Yeast Infection

  • The roof frequently tends to fester germs and fungi as a result of prolonged exposure to moisture, ultimately causing the structure to fall apart. The fungi take advantage of the humidity to grow and spread across the roof, weakening it. 
  • Health risks from fungal infections can frequently result, putting the residents of the home at risk of contracting illnesses and disorders. One must thoroughly conduct a roof inspection for potential indicators of fungal growth before buying a house!

Missing and damaged shingles

  • On occasion, building professionals and homeowners fail to completely cover the roof in tiles or shingles. In these situations, the bare top is still exposed to the worst of nature.
  • Often, when it rains heavily, moisture leaks through the uncovered roof and harms it. Such situations might not appear harsh at first, but if ignored, they could cause serious issues. One should exercise caution and keep an eye out for missing shingles and tiles while buying such a home.

Gutter obstruction

  • The gutters must be kept free of collected dirt and other debris. Such problems can be promptly fixed without spending a lot of money. Water won’t drain properly if channels are still obstructed; instead, it will pool on the roof. 
  • Fissures and cracks will allow stagnant water to seep through, harming the ceiling in the process.

Water Spotty

  • When left unchecked and ignored, what stains might develop into a significant concern. These stains generally appear on the ceiling of a home’s upper floor. No matter how hard you try to hide things, they will eventually come to light.

Age of a roof

  • No matter how well you maintain the roof, an aging roof will eventually collapse. No matter how much work is done, a roof can never be totally replaced! You should check to see if the roof has some life remaining in it before buying a house!
  • The roof needs to be sturdy for anyone looking to purchase a home. Neglecting the roof could lead to unfavorable outcomes and put you in awkward circumstances. Watch attention for the roof if you don’t want to deal with water damage, leaks, fungus, or even infections!

With SoCal Green Roofing, your re-roofing company of choice! Keep your family healthy and safe with a roofing company you can trust.

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