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Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Roof Replacement

Ready for a new roof? Smart homeowners prepare their homes and outside spaces before we start on roof replacement. They also consider their family and the whole street.

It keeps everyone safe, minimizes stress and maintains cordial relations with your neighbors.

Tips To Prepare Your Home For Roof Replacement

Cover And Protect Everything In Your Attic

Now’s a good time to go through your belongings and see if you can toss or donate anything. Installing a new roof is easier the fewer items there are in the attic.

So for anything that’s staying, it’s best stored in totally dust-proof containers.

A new roof involves some hammering, too. So is there anything very fragile in the attic? Then those antique champagne glasses are much better off downstairs for now.

Remove Belongings From The Outside Area

Expert roof replacement means very little falling debris, but it does happen. It’s better to be safe than sorry so clear the outside area of anything you can move.

 This means barbecues, garden furniture, potted plants and so on. Don’t forget your vehicles too, on the day.

Protect Your Belongings On The Walls

There can be quite a bit of vibration involved in roof installation. So check those paintings, clocks, and anything else hanging on the walls.

It’s a quick job to lay them somewhere safe for the duration of the roof installation, and one that saves unexpected breakages.

Tell Your Neighbors

It’s best not to find out on the day that your neighbors are planning a barbecue the same day as we come for your new roof.

With good planning you’ll be able to pick a date that suits everyone.


There’s no escaping the fact that removing an old roof and installing a new one does create some noise.

Remember, a licensed, experienced team who can do roof replacement more swiftly will mean less noise for you and your neighbors.

Another thing is that with a modern, well-insulated roof, this may be the last time you’re bothered by outside noise. One of the benefits of a well-installed roof from SoCal Green Roofing is that it keeps annoying street noise out.

Keep People And Pets Indoors

As a safety precaution, we recommend keeping everyone inside while you’re getting a new roof.

Pay particular attention to kids and inquisitive animals. They may want to venture outside to see what’s happening. But don’t let them! There’s always a small risk of falling tools, shingle or tile which can be heavy or sharp.

If your animals are nervous, consider relocating them to a familiar caregiver while the new roof is being installed.

Prepare For Temporary Mess

As you can imagine, removing a roof and installing a new one is quite a job. A great team like SoCal Green Roofing will ensure the dust from roof replacement doesn’t travel to the rest of your home.

We’ll minimize the mess and leave your home and the surrounding area clean.

Cut Back Tall Trees And Climbing Plants

If anything’s touching the roof it will be harder for us to put your new roof on. So now’s a good time to revamp the outside space ready for the roofing team.

Plan Power Outlets

Think about the power outlets that we will need to use. Do you have outdoor outlets? That’s perfect. If not, we can use outlets inside the house with an extension cord.

Board Up Or Cover The Windows

There’s a chance that windows and glass doors can get scratched by falling debris, so if you’re concerned there’s a simple solution.

Simply board them up during the new roof process, and rest assured they’ll stay safe and scratch-free.

Keep Any Grass Short

Why? Long grass hides hazards. Say some broken shingle gets dropped. It’s easier to see it and remove it in short grass.

Leave Us Enough Space Outside

We’ll need to deliver the new roofing materials, and remove your old roof too. So this requires large vehicles parking outside your home. On new roof day you’ll need to park elsewhere, and get your neighbors on board early too.

How Will The Roofers Dispose Of Your Old Roof?

Your old roof needs to be disposed of legally and correctly. Make sure the roofers you choose are green so they toss the old materials, and dust from roof replacement in an ethical way.

If you’re interested in environmentally friendly roofing, simply ask our team. Some roofing materials like metal or clay are totally recyclable, or reusable.

Planning Roof Replacement At Your Home: Your Questions

Here’s a selection of the most common questions our customers ask us about how the new roof process will go.

When Will You Start?

All good roof replacement pros like an early start. This lets us get the most done over the course of our working day. It’s also cool and pleasant starting early even in the summer.

What Gets Replaced With A New Roof?

This all depends on how much damage your old roof had to it. In a typical roof installation job, we remove the old roofing materials until the decking. Then we install a new underlayment and shingles.

Do Roofers Need To Come Inside?

Roofers should inspect the interior of your roof in the initial stages when they’re planning out the whole job. We need to know about any potential leaks or old moisture damage in order to choose the best course of action.

However, during the roof replacement process, we shouldn’t need to enter your home. This means the dust from roof replacement doesn’t transfer into your home, either.

Choose SoCal Green Roofing For Quality Roof Replacement In Southern California

SoCal Green Roofing has been installing quality roofs near you for over 12 years. We’re fully licensed and insured, as well as being highly rated by our customers. Check out our beautiful new roofs from our past projects here.

Call us about your new roof today at (866) 495-3621 or write to us using our contact form here.

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