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How To Fix a Leaking Roof From The Inside

Inspecting The Ceiling

  1. Start by inspecting the ceiling of the highest floor in your home, or any ceiling that the attic is located right above it.
  2. Look for any water spots, peeling paint, or damaged drywall.
  3. once you have spotted the effected areas remember the location of it so you can easily spot it when you enter the attic.
Water Damaged Roof Leak Inside The House

Inspecting The Attic

  1. Go into the attic near the damaged area you have spotted during the ceiling inspection.
  2.  You need to look for any daylight coming through the roof, wet stains on the insulation, or mold spots on the roof deck.

Roof Leak “Hose Test”

If a visual inspection did not help finding the leak than we will go to the next step using the 2 person “Hose Test” technique.
  1. One person goes over the roof with a water hose while the other stays inside the house or attic.
  2. The person outside will spray water side to side from the lowest point of the roof slowly going up to the top of the roof while the person inside is looking for any leaks or moisture that builds on the roof deck from the inside.

Visual Inspection Above The Rest

Sometimes fixing your roof from the inside is just not possible and it might be necessary to go on the roof and visually inspect it .
  1. First look for any previously repaired areas which may have been repaired incorrectly. We are looking for any nails that are poking through, damaged shingles, or caulking that came off the shingles.
  2. Also look for any hole inside the shingles or an opening caused by animals.
  3. Other common leak sources might be damaged or cracked pipe collars, step flashing, & missing or damaged shingles.
Small Hole Found In A Roof Inspection

Fixing a Roof Leak From The Inside

  1. Remove any dirt & debris on the roof decking for a smooth application of the roof cement or tar.
  2. Apply a thick layer of roofing tar or roof cement to the roof deck.
  3. Make sure you use roof tar or cement that can be applied on both wet & dry surfaces for emergency roof leaks during a rain.

Roof Repair From The Outside

When repairing your roof from inside the house is just not possible than you need to take the next actions from the outside:

  1. when you have a big hole or opening, you can temporary cover the roof with a tarp. Do not try to remove any items that have penetrated into the roof, call a roofing professional to prevent further damage.
  2. Use a roof tar and apply it to any cracks or nail poking through.
Roof Shingle Repair by a Roofer

Roof Safety Precautions

Be safe—use roof brackets, a safety harness and commonsense rules. (Family Handyman)

Roofer Practicing Safety Common Sense Behavior

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