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Roof Leaks In Heavy Rain

What causes roof leaks in heavy rain and how to fix them while it rains? We will explain the reasoning behind why your roof is more likely to leak during heavier rains  & how to make an emergency repair during the rain to prevent unnecessary damage for different roof types.


Roof Leaks From Small Cracks

When a roof has small cracks or holes inside the roof shingles or roof flashings, low rain level might not be strong enough to penetrate it. On the other hand heavy rainfall might pass right through the tiniest cracks in your roof, causing it to leak.
Small Hole In A Roof That May Cause Leaks

Metal, Tile & Flat Roof Leaks

Different roof types are affected from heavy rains in different ways, causing leaks in different areas and requiring different repair methods. 
  1. Metal Roof Leaks: Small rusted holes are a common leak source in metal roofs, those small rusted holes sometimes become wider during heavy rains, causing your roof to leak.
  2. Tile Roof Leaks: Tile roofs are known to have an issue with dried up concrete build up especially 15+ year old roofs. During heavier rains water can slip through the small cracks in the dried up concrete creating a leak in your roof.
  3. Flat Roof Leaks: Unlike angled roofs, Flat roofs can get water build up quicker making water penetration in heavy rains very common and creating a leak in your roof.
Roof Leak In Different Types Of Roofs

How To Stop a Roof Leak In a Heavy Rain?

If your roof is leaking during a heavy rain there are multiple ways you can stop the leak.
One of the ways is using an instant waterproofing roof coating which works on a wet roof to stop the leak immediately.
If your leak comes from a larger opening in the roof, you can temporary “repair” the leak by covering it with a tarp.

Being Careful On a Wet Roof

You should always be careful when going on a wet roof and use extra careful precautions when making any repairs during a rain. Always Secure your ladder, Wear capable shoes, and use commonsense rules.

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